@kel Ooooh, I think I get it now. So for 3 years after a gathering, you can sue the city for $1000 if it came within a block away and was too loud.

So where does the $1000 come from?

@kel I'm going to need to read the whole thing.... I think there's no way they wrote something like what that summery describes with nothing in it for them...

Ranked choice voting 

Ranked choice voting 

@rootwyrm @mwlucas Ha, well I have 12 years daily use on my M13 and it's doing "OK". The cord needs to be replaced soon due to jacket deterioration, but the keys and mouse still work perfectly.

You could try using bad posture to decrease your impact forces. :p

@rootwyrm @mwlucas You wear out model m keyboards.... regularly???? I don't think I could wear this thing out in two lifetimes...

us pol 

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uspol debate 

/me pukes

These old farts running for presidency are less well behaved than my 7 year old.

@emsenn Yes, but only after they exceed the max number of retries with their respective backoff intervals.

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My point here is, do more than just complaining about stuff that's bad. Consider solid ideas about something good instead. Otherwise, you're doing little more than making a very educated complaint.

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Modern politics of ALL kinds is mostly just mud slinging and character defamation. If you can't explain why your ideas are good without needing to trash talk someone else, then you have weak ideas.

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