I think I understand blank keycaps now. It's the feeling of looking at your keyboard in futility, and then just giving up and moving on with your life.

IR selfie 

Oh. Well then. Dead short from 5v to gnd would explain it. I guess. So now I need to gut this drive cage thing, see if I can find the short, and then get in and replace the psu fuse. I just wanted to try freenas! Why's my life gotta be so interesting? It's just not fair! None of the other kids are spending their nights digging in boxes with DO NOT OPEN on them, they're all playing xstation or playbox or whatever... but noooo not me. Here I am, genitals deep in a box that obviously wants me dead.

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I like my sata power like I like my marshmallows. Lil burned on one side...

This 3d printed protoboard cover plate worked a lot better than it should have considering it was entirely made from memory with literally 0 measurements taken.

This. Is. EVIL. How could they do this! They have FAKE shields! They will get destroyed by the first airborne gatorade bottle they see.

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