Jump starting phones totally works. I think there is some timing foolery where the phone needs to enable the charger after the boot sequence? Idk but these kinds of shenanigans are life savers now and then.


The 3d printed battery mount didn't feel safe while riding so I made a new one out of wood. (photos taken with )

I tried 3d printing an battery mount and I'm not thrilled with it so far. It's literally just a bucket, but I got to go for a test ride so that's cool. Crappy pic quality because haha

Heck yeah I want apps from unknown sources! That's like... what life is all about!

Got something starting to look like a folding case here. Need to figure out a keyboard to go in it.

I think this might work for a keyboard or gamepad. What have I done......

backplate design 5 successfully allows all screws into place. Thinking maybe a clear sheet over this would look cool. Need to come up with some better buttons.

Wait no! I selected DON'T replace the configuration! Damn it debian...

This is a photo taken on a running arm of a 3d printed hard drive rail for a proliant g2 through g7 I think. I can't find the button to save the picture though so *this* photo was taken and posted with an android...

I wonder if this pinephone could be convinced to run windows 95...

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