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Hi. I'm a hacker. Probably autistic. Definitely queer. Non-binary. Don't have pronouns and I'll respond to whatever you see me as, as long as it's not an ideologically dismissive acronym. I hate the corporate gay agenda for limiting the spectrum and love indie art that expands it. I think investors demanding constant growth and market capture fuels evil against communities. I'm wrong a lot. Learning is fun. Married, 8 years. Fuck partisan politics. I write C that runs at sea, see?

May a calculator bring great happiness to you.

tired: arrow keys
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after over 3 decades in a capitalist society i’m starting to understand why old people just fuck off into the woods

A clever person can get more from a simple computer than a simple person can get from a clever computer.

my mommy voted for trump "for economic reasons"...

is there any writing out there on bypassing profit in affordable sustainable housing that anyone can recommend? Wondering about alternative incentive models and resilience against corruption.

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just shot myself in the damn eye with an sd card write protect tab. doh.

mh food 

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Dear #Mozilla, I fully agree with your message and this is why I am not giving you my money anymore. Because you are not the #Internet and I really don't like how you started speaking of yourself as such.

You make a browser. This is great. Diversity among browsers is essential and indeed keeps the Internet alive and humane. However instead of concentrating on this very important mission you are uniquely positioned to perform you changed your focus to populism while your top management pay figures go into seven digits. This I don't like as well. #Firefox needs love and attention but instead you cut developers and engage into distracting nonsense no one asked you for. You even managed to break Firefox Mobile. After your redesign it is just shadow or what it used to be.

Instead I am giving to someone else. It is David Morley who runs - my first Diaspora pod. It is the Dr.Quadragon who runs one of the largest Russian Mastodon instances. It is Funkwhale, great free music sharing and streaming platform. It is Phillip Kulin who runs Russian Internet Censorship Registry Watch. I am not giving much but I hope this trickle helps to fuel real life of the Internet - people who create and support things.

I used to give you, Mozilla, but I am becoming more and more disappointed lately. Sorry. And again when salaries of your execs are described with words "instant inter-generational wealth" it seems to me you can do fine without my $5.

Building wheel for wxPython ( ...

I feel like this should not be a hard job for a 7 year old dev spec laptop, but here we are 20 minutes later with a load average over 7 and all 8 cores in the 90% range.

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